Güner Künier

Güner Künier was born in Izmir, Turkey. Her family moved to Germany in the early 90s. She began playing guitar at 10 years of age, and started playing in bands and organizing shows at 13. Then, because of her cultural background, she left everything behind. 10 years later, with a master’s degree in economics and engineering and some work experience, she decided to make a drastic change and dedicate herself to art and music. For 4 years now, Künier has been presenting herself as an independent solo musician. During this time, she has released live videos, music videos, an EP and played many live shows. December 2022 marks the release of her debut album and many more shows to come.
Güner Künier has a minimalist style, deploying her voice over old school and industrial drums infused with lo-fi guitar and synthesizer sounds. Her debut album also invokes a psychedelic 70s vibe, although it’s been adapted for the present day. You’ll also find some synthwave tracks and Turkish lyrics in there. It features a great mix of genres which leads to a unique, emotional style. Her stunning live performances over the past few years have also sent strong and promising signals and she is still playing live a lot.

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Based in: Germany

Represented by: Mathias Schwarz

Territories: World

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26 Mai 2023

Güner Künier releases new video

Güner Künier has just released a new video for the track „Pose On“ (watch here) that is featured on the highly praised debut album „Aşk“. Güner will perform at Iç Içe Festival (Festsaal Kreuzberg) in Berlin, Fusion Festival and at Off the Radar’s first Brandenburg issue in August – among many other shows coming up this year.

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