The Whitest Boy Alive

The Whitest Boy Alive started as an electronic dance music project in Berlin 2003. Then morphed into a band without programmed elements and recorded first album Dreams. 2006. Then started touring and wrote next album Rules on the road. Released 2009. Bands popularity reached a peak in 2011-12 with playing headliner shows at big European festivals like Melt, Lowlands and Roskilde. In addition the band found a huge audience in Mexico and Colombia. While trying to make a 3rd record, Erlend’s ear problems (related to tinnitus) and creative differences led to the bands dissolvement. Always remaining on good terms, the members have gone on to run music studios, clubs, vineyards, restaurants and raise children and work on solo-projects. There has been brief reunions at the respective members birthday parties, and the fun from those sessions has led to the wish of playing together again publicly, focusing on the material from the first two records. They have stated an intention to perform a few shows every year for the foreseeable future.    

Sebastian Maschat, drums. Daniel Nentwig, Rhodes piano and Crumar DS2 synthesizer. Marcin Oz, bass guitar. Erlend Øye, electric guitar and vocals. 

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Based in: Germany/Italy

Represented by: Mathias Schwarz

Territories: World excl. Mexico