Nathalie Froehlich

There is a powerful and overflowing fire that inhabits certain artists and gives them the ability to set an entire audience on fire by possessing them from head to toe. Nathalie Froehlich, member of the Sacred Deter, is one of them. An ultra reverent rapper, her exceptional presence is embodied in a concentrated look and lyrics that are as powerful as they are direct. Straight out of the rave parties, she prepares an energetic live show mixing break, bass, stupid rhythms and hip-hop worthy of an after party that one would not want to leave. After a vinyl release on the Fribourg label Strecke, Nathalie released her EP „Désillusion“, boldly mixing hip-hop, techno and reggaeton. The year 2022 is shaping up to be a busy one with more than forty dates, a second EP and various collaborations.

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Based in: Switzerland

Represented by: Antonella Friese

Territories: Germany, Austria