Named for a movie by American sexploitation auteur Russ Meyer, Motorpsycho are an eclectic Norwegian band whose music is an adventurous amalgam of progressive rock, psychedelia, alternative rock, folk-rock, hard rock, jazz, country, and old-school heavy metal. Based out of Trondheim, the group emerged fully loaded in the late ’80s, but really caught fire with the release of their ambitious third album, Demon Box, which spanned two LPs and earned the band a Norwegian Grammy nomination. With a loyal fan base established, Motorpsycho set out to make a name for themselves both at home and abroad, issuing a string of acclaimed albums that chewed through genres with impunity. Motorpsycho are famous for their absolut stunning three hour live-shows.

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Based in: Trondheim, Norway

Represented by: Wieland Krämer

Territories: Germany, Austria

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