Kamikaze Palm Tree

Seven years back, Dylan Hadley and Cole Berliner emerged fully formed from the wilds of San Francisco as Kamikaze Palm Tree. Over an EP (The Hand Faces Upwards) and a live KALX set released on Bandcamp, they were exploring everything they loved. The live set, played with a bigger band lineup (harp and sax!) was a sign of things to come. At the time, they often performed under masked duress, to which early video documents can attest. The weird world they’d created for themselves was filling out nicely.

They carried their sonic palette to the East and West Coasts of America, and to Japan. But the clock on the wall said Kamikaze Palm Tree would bring its sound in through the out door. With thought in head, they crafted their debut album, 2019’s Good Boy, at San Francisco’s Tiny Telephone with Spencer Hartling. Good Boy is a mutant monster of a pop album that has only become more fun to listen to with the passage of time. 

In 2022 Drag City welcomed KPT to their island destination. Their latest singles from the upcoming „Mint Chip“ album are on hard repeat at the poolside jukebox, with their latest band lineup featuring the musical prowess of Josh Puklavetz (White Fence) on bass and Sofia Arregiun (Wand) on keyboards. The songs: their imagined pictures—anything from faintly to innately ridiculous—are somehow intimate while devoid of context. “None of the songs are about anything.” Ambiguity and nostalgia, hand in hand, and you, cognitive and dissonanced, humming along.

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Based in: USA

Represented by: Leoni Weber

Territories: Europe