Holly Macve

A heavenly voice couched in spellbinding western noir ballads, with a devastating emotional delivery, Holly Macve explores a dreamlike, pictorial world within her song writing, in which she evokes a warmth and transcendence comparable to an old black and white film from the 1950’s. Holly has spent much of her twenties between the south coast of England and the west coast of the US, developing as a multi instrumentalist, music producer and songwriter. “America has always fascinated me, but the old version of it. I am always seeking something that no longer exists”. Now, the Irish-born songwriter shares her first collaborative single on 20th October titled ‘Suburban House’ featuring vocals from close friend Lana Del Rey. Taken from Macve’s upcoming new project due in early 2024, the track is the product of the close friendship the pair have formed after Lana reached out to Holly via Instagram DM some years ago.

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Based in: United Kingdom

Represented by: Benedikt Zillich

Territories: Germany

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