Glass Beams

Glass Beams, the enigmatic Melbourne-based band, draws inspiration from their Indian
and South Asian heritage, infusing their serpentine psychedelia with cosmic
instrumentation and worldly polyrhythms. Their debut ‚Mirage,‘ self-recorded in a home
studio, is a captivating fusion of 70s-era Indian classical, disco captured through the lens
of DIY electronica.
„I was looking for new energy & inspiration to write a bunch of new music. I recalled a
childhood memory of my parents and I watching a DVD they had bought: ‘Concert For
George’ (a tribute concert for George Harrison from the Beatles). George’s long time
collaborator and friend Ravi Shanka put an Indian Orchestra together for that concert, and
even though I hadn’t even started playing music at the time that I watched this, the
experience was very formative.
My father was born in India and moved here when he was 17, and after recalling this
memory I decided to look up musicians from my father’s hometown and surrounding
areas. I found a wealth of Indian classical, disco & freaky jazz music that formed the
building blocks for this record. As soon as I had that vision of what I wanted to write and
why I wanted to write it, the songs just flowed out.“
Recognised by industry stalwarts like Gilles Peterson, Glass Beams were named an
essential emerging artist by NME 100. Their immersive live performances at Primavera
Sound and Best Kept Secret have created waves internationally, where the masked trio
cast a hypnotic sonic spell over their audiences.

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Based in: Australia

Represented by: Benedikt Zillich

Territories: Germany

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