Donkey Kid

Ice cream for breakfast, sleepless nights, fucked up sleep cycles and perfectly hand-rolled cigarettes: Newcomer Donkey Kid’s tells a musically coming-of-age story on his first EP “Distant Shouts” (out on May 20, 2022) and plays his release concerts in London and Berlin.

In 2021, 19-year-old Donkey Kid released four singles and impressed magazines (Wonderland, Iggy Mag, C-Heads) and radio stations (Amazing Radio US & UK, Passport Approved, UK Campus Radios) alike, cementing his status as the most exciting Newcomer in German Indie. Donkey Kid played his first concerts in the UK supporting Cassia and spent the summer touring with Ilgen-Nur, Trümmer and Leoniden. His Indie-hit-single “Deep Blue” made the cover of Spotify’s “Best of Indie Brandneu 2021” List and was on heavy rotation on many British college radios throughout the year. 

Influenced by Talking Heads, Tame Impala and King Krule, Donkey Kid creates opulent soundscapes; ranging from a mixture of modern Western and psychedelic loops in “Digging Holes”, Bottleneck-Blues in the beatles-esque Track “Sugar Daughters”, comic-strip New-Wave in “Necklace” and energetic Walk-In-Hymns in the title-giving uptempo smash-hit “Distant Shouts”.Condensed into five songs, Jurek Stricker – Donkey Kid’s real name – reflects on his musical upbringing on his new EP. It was produced by Marco Kleebauer, who, having worked on the last two iconic albums of Vienna-based Band “Bilderbuch” and successful own projects like “Leyya”, long ago made a name for himself as an Indie-Pop producer of international merit.

Donkey Kid’s songs start out as Lo-Fi bedroom demos that Jurek likes to casually upload to his Soundcloud profile every now and then. Now he is the center of attention of a new Indie scene, in a city that overwhelms anyone and anything with it’s sheer abundance of influence and opportunity.

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Based in: Germany

Represented by: Jens Oberthür

Territories: World

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