German duo COMA’s upcoming album, „Voyage Voyage” is set for release via City Slang on 22nd November. Across its ten tracks, the pair meld piano, guitar, drums, synths and electronic flourishes to futuristic vocal harmonies that amp up the melancholic pop factor and capture life’s fleeting moments and adventures. Following addictive, electronic melter “Snurrebassen,” new single “A-Train” is out today. Tilman Singer (whose credits include 2018’s acclaimed horror thriller Luz) directed the accompanying clip, filmed on Super 8, that captures the tracks thoughtful journey.

“A-Train is one of the few tracks we produced with a classical song structure in it, which in our opinion normally isn’t a deciding aspect for the quality of a song. Lyrically and musically it expresses the feeling of uncertainty and insecurity when you come to terms with radical situations in your life.” COMA

COMA have also announced European tour dates for 2019 and 2020, including the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, DE on September 20th. 

Fusing a pop sensibility with dance music’s communal properties, COMA – AKA Georg Conrad and Marius Bubat – create music rich in melody and often melancholy, their repertoire occupying an emotionally-driven corner of the electronic music spectrum, where dynamic soundscapes collide with honest lyrics. 

Having initially signed to Cologne’s electronic label Kompakt, COMA may have their roots firmly in the city’s fabled club scene, but their effervescent, groove-tipped synth-pop blurs boundaries and strays outside the lines. Their new home of City Slang (Caribou, Gold Panda, Tindersticks) is the perfect fit for their hypnotic brand of indie-electro. “We’ve never been ravers,“ says COMA’s Marius Bubat. “Although we have definitely been inspired by the energy of club music”.

After releasing a steady stream of records, including 2013 debut „In Technicolor“ and previous album, 2015’s „This Side of Paradise,“ in recent years both Bubat and Conrad have experienced a transformative time in each of their lives, marked out by a series of challenges and milestones including the loss of a parent and the birth of a child. For Conrad, getting back in the studio has proved a potent form of therapy, one that can transcend the often-painful process of reality. “Making music is a kind of escapism, it puts you in a different world where you forget everything around you”.

COMA didn’t plan to make „Voyage Voyage.“ A spontaneous decision to scratch a creative itch resulted in an album that has proved to be a vital and cathartic tool of documentation for the Cologne duo. “Ultimately, we are just trying to reflect what’s happening around us”, says Bubat.

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Based in: Germany

Represented by: Jens Oberthür

Territories: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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