Brezel Göring

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Brezel Göring got infected with a lo-fidelity-virus at a very young age. Now he is delighted to pass it over to the audience. He is mostly known for being one half of the french german underground-pop-garage-Rock'n'roll-electronic-trash duo STEREO TOTAL, which started in the early nineties with a policy of not using istrumens that costed more than 50 DM (wich is 25,- Euro by now), they had selfmade guitars and synthesizers. Every musical instrument and even every cable can be translated into sozial coordinates and gets a political meaning. The trash and the leftovers are becoming weapons to fight the miserable commercialisation. Brezel Göring also runs the label "Verboten in Deutschland" ("Forbidden in Germany") which is devoted to the sound of Ost-Punk (east german punk music recorded and released under difficult circumstances). He records his music in a cassette-tape-studio. Besides being in Stereo Total Brezel Göring composed music for japanese and philippinian underground movies and he wrote several theatre and radio plays ("Patty Hearst - sooner or later we are all going to be terrorists"). He sees himself in the tradition of "Geniale Diletanten"(ingenious diletants), an art and music movement from Berlin that took place in the early Eighties.

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